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You’ll find we’ve got more in common than you think.

HobNob Explained

HobNob Defined

HAHB -nahb
verb / Hobnob

1. to spend time with in a friendly way

Be More”Present”

“Social Media” has us connected to more people than ever. But, are those relationships real? We believe the connections that matter are made in the real world. Face to face socialization is critical to a happy emotionally healthy life.

HobNob Introduces

HobNob alerts users when they come within 15 feet of another HobNob app user who shares the same common profile traits or interest(s) (ie: Fans of the same sports team, fellow alumni of the same school, common military service, matching hobbies, & interests etc..)

Expanding Your Circle

HobNob helps expand your real world social and professional circles. Expanding your circle enriches your life by providing new perspectives.

Share, Engage, Build
  • Share as much or as little as you feel comfortable
  • Engage in the real world with the people around you
  • Build real relationships around common interests and experiences
  • Find common ground with people you might not have engaged with
Keeping it Real

“With online social media, I had over 700 “Friends” but, I felt like I had no one to talk to? HobNob connects me to my real life community -where it matters most.

Jamie P. 35 – HobNob.world user

Common Ground

Ultimately, it’s up to each and every one of us. We’ll find common ground with one another only when we move to “higher ground.” Today it’s easy to find division between people. Finding common ground becomes a little easier when HobNob helps point the way. As we like to say, “we’ve got more in common than you might think.”

About Us

HobNob is a Connecticut based LLC. It was founded by a group of professionals who believe technology is most valuble when it enriches our lives by bringing people closer together rather then taking the place of in-person human interaction.

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